MCC Commencement 2011: By the Numbers

In the life of any college, commencement is a significant event. For some, it is the starting point of the next phase of a journey - toward a better career, ongoing education, a bright future. For others, it's the culmination of a body of work created with one sole purpose: helping students succeed.

All of the above is true, too, for MCC. Commencement is a day to acknowledge outstanding work, to celebrate and yes -- even to have fun! With that in mind, we thought we'd share a sneak peek at some unique statistics regarding the Class of 2011 and this year's MCC Commencement Ceremony (to be held June 4 at the Blue Cross Arena).

2,955: Graduates in the MCC Class of 2011 (as of May 10, 2011), and the largest class of undergraduates out of all the Rochester area colleges!

140+: Number of different colleges and universities to which members of the MCC Class of 2011 are expected to transfer.

13: Members of the Class of 2011 who will be sporting MCC's coveted Gold Medallion for Academic Achievement.

13: Number of football fields required if we laid all the honors cords expected to be distributed on commencement end-to-end.

3.5: Minimum grade point average (GPA) a graduate must have earned in order to receive one of the aforementioned honors cords.

12,428: Number of available seats to be filled by family, friends, staff, faculty and proud graduates in the Blue Cross Arena on June 4.

2: Number of years Commencement 2011 keynote speaker (and MCC alumnus) George Moses served as president of the Damon City Campus student government.

35: Number of times bigger the Class of 2011 is than MCC's first graduating class, the Class of '64, which had 84 members.

165: Class gift dedications (which support scholarships for MCC students) submitted for the commencement program.

350+: Number of roses available for purchase at commencement as gifts for graduates.

5: Continents from which members of the Class of 2011 hail (only Antarctica and Australia aren't represented - maybe next year!).

3,875.83: Total service hours completed last year by the 18 Class of 2011 members who earned the national President's Volunteer Service Award.

48: The age gap, in years, between the youngest and oldest members of the Class of 2011.