MCC 101: Tips, Tricks & "Must-Dos" for New Tribunes

“College is all about getting engaged, being inspired and getting to class. Take this opportunity to explore all that is MCC.”

Dr. Jeff Bartkovich, former vice president for academic services (ret.)

The beginning of MCC’s new academic year brings a steady flow of colorful traffic: cars, buses, bikes and even an occasional skateboard roll into campus, each contributing to the lively pace. Inside the college doors a river of students rushes by -- book bags swinging, steaming coffee in one hand, crumpled schedule in the other, searching for that elusive goal: the right classroom.

Welcome to MCC.

There’s so much to learn here – so much to absorb, so many different opportunities to grow. We’d like to share a few suggestions about how you can make the most of your college experience.

Seriously, get a map. Download one at or pick one up at an Info Desk (at Brighton Campus just outside Admissions and at Damon City Campus at the Public Safety Desk). There are Welcome Stations throughout campus to help direct you. And if you get lost, don’t be afraid to stop someone and ask for their help. We won't let you get too lost!

Your M number and your username & password are how you're identified in MCC's various systems. Having your M number & username handy will (A) save you time and (B) surely impress everyone around you with your obvious foresight and preparation. Trust us on this. So memorize them, put them in your phone, write them on your hand, tattoo them on the bottom of your foot – but whatever you do, know your info.

Photo of student with books at common study areaGO TO CLASS
Pretty obvious, right? But life offers plenty of distractions. You worked late. Your sister borrowed the car. You just needed a break. We’re not going to lecture. We’re just going to tell you what English Professor Julie Damerell said better than we ever could: “Arrive early and stay late.” So make college -- and your future -- a priority, and go to class.

Okay, so you go to class. But according to Physics Professor Mike Goho, there’s more: “Make sure you introduce yourself to your professors so that they know who you are and that you are a serious student. And make sure you do your best on your first graded assignment!” Yup, it’s college -- the land of research assignments, chapters of reading, multiple papers, and group work. And if you need a little help, the libraries on both campuses have laptops you can sign out for up to two hours … AND really big, squishy comfortable chairs and quiet zones, too.

Let’s face it, everyone needs help sometimes. Don’t be afraid to ask questions – big or small. Ask your professors, ask your classmates, ask anyone who will listen. If you’re having trouble with math, do your homework in the Math Learning Center. If you need help finding a career or the right college for transfer, head down to the Career and Transfer Office. If you need help, just ask!

Running on empty? Fun fact: the vending machines on the ground floor of Brighton Campus Buildings 8 and 5 offer Red Bull, Mountain Dew, Doritos, Skittles and peanut butter cups. Grab a latte or lemon grass sencha at Java’s or Fuego. Stop by the MarketPlace and buy a quick yogurt, a slice of pizza or a cup of soup. There are also plenty of quick eating options on the second floor of the Bookstore. A few weeks after classes start, you can also stop into Food for Thought, the full-service restaurant in Building 3 run by MCC Hospitality students. Just fuel up so you can keep movin’ forward!

In the words of Christopher Kumar, MCC faculty member, Engineering Science/Physics, “This is your time. Learn what you love and enjoy the process.” College should be all about expanding your mind and your horizons. So, join a club. Try out for one of the student plays. Hit the treadmill. Develop connections to faculty, staff and classmates. It’ll make your educational experience far more meaningful. Really.

And isn’t that what college should be all about?