Ride the MCC Shuttle

“Commuting between the Brighton and Damon City campuses is about to get easier — and greener.”

Monroe Community College is providing free weekday shuttle service during the fall and spring semesters to make it convenient for students, faculty and staff to travel to and from the Damon City and Brighton campuses. MCC officials said the new transportation service will give more students the opportunity to take courses at both locations, forging a greater connection between campuses as well as helping protect the environment by reducing the number of vehicles making the commute.

The service appeals to Ahmed Almujanahi, 22, a second-year student majoring in international relations and political science. He said he plans to take the shuttle from Brighton three days a week.

"It saves me extra bucks on gas because I don't have to use my car," Almujanahi said. "It's also better for the environment - less pollution."

As the college's promotional campaign steps up and word about the shuttle service spreads, MCC officials said they hope the parking situation will improve. Enrollment at both campuses has steadily increased over the past several years.

"We're always looking at ways to improve parking conditions, reduce pollution and make people's lives easier," said Heze Simmons, vice president of Administrative Services. "This shuttle service is only one of the new transportation options the MCC community will see this fall."

Passengers can pick up the MCC Shuttle on the Brighton Campus at Sports/Center Roads outside the Gilman Lounge and on the Damon City Campus at the Franklin Street entrance to the Sibley Building. The shuttle is wheelchair-accessible. Valid MCC ID will be required to board the Shuttle.