FACE - Warning Message Solutions

  • Click on the Registration Compliance Results at the bottom of your registration page and read the hyperlinked message under the Fin Aid Eligible and Counts columns to see the reason for the warning OR check the comment next to the INELIGIBLE COURSE(S) listed in your email.

  • Run your CAPP compliance. Look at both the Detail view and the Additional Information view to see where the Ineligible registered course is falling on your compliance.

  • If you are full time, do AT LEAST 12 of your registered credits fit into your CAPP compliance? If so, anything beyond those 12 credits will be eligible for financial aid* (even if they don't fit into your compliance). DO NOT CHANGE YOUR SCHEDULE.

  • Is your MAJOR the same as your PROGRAM? Compare the 4-character-code listed next to 'Program' and next to 'Majors' at the top of your CAPP compliance (under Program Evaluation). If they are not the same, you need to do a "What If" on the Program code; now look for where the registered course is falling on your compliance. Financial Aid is only awarded at the Program level.

  • Are you in the appropriate PROGRAM? Look for the 'Program' title at the top of your CAPP compliance (under Program Evaluation). If it is not the Program you are following, you need to request a program change from the Counseling and Advising office ASAP.

  • Are you following the appropriate CATALOG TERM? Look for the 'Catalog Term' at the top of your CAPP compliance (under Program Evaluation). If you are following a different catalog term, you will need to have it adjusted in the Counseling and Advising office.

  • Are you are trying to REPEAT a course for a HIGHER GRADE? You can repeat a course (even an excluded course) that you have an acceptable grade (D- or above) in ONE time (course withdrawals do not count as your one time repeat), and still have it be eligible for financial aid, as long as it applies to the requirements for your program. This applies to PELL and loans only. You cannot receive NYS TAP or APTS if you have already successfully completed the course.

  • Are you trying to register for a course to satisfy a general requirement (e.g. Humanities) but YOU HAVE AN EXCLUDED COURSE WITH A PASSING GRADE (D- or above) that could also satisfy the requirement? (You will find excluded courses on the 'Additional Information' page of your CAPP report under 'Courses Not Used'.) Financial aid will not pay for a new course when you have already taken one that will satisfy the requirement (even if it has been excluded).

  • Have you been advised to take a course that is not in your program to SUBSTITUTE for a course that is in your program? You will need to follow-up with the Department Chair to process the substitution ASAP.

  • Are you in your LAST SEMESTER at the college? If so, as long as 3 credits are counting in your program, you are eligible for a 'Last Term Exemption' and all other registered courses will be eligible for financial aid*. You must complete an Intent to Graduate application ASAP and check Last Term Exemption on the application.

*All other financial aid criteria will have to be satisfied.

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