What do you know about New York Geography?

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New York Geography Questions:


What state forms most of the southern border with New York?

A. Massachusetts
B. Ohio
C. Pennsylvania
D. Vermont

What is the only river that completely crosses New York State?

A. Hudson
B. Genesee
C. St. Lawrence
D. Susquehanna

In the early 1900s most of our nation’s immigrants were admitted at

A. Ellis Island
B. Staten Island
C. Long Island
D. Empire Square

Between Albany and New York City, the Hudson River is actually

A. a lake
B. a freshwater sea
C. a bay
D. an estuary

Mt. Marcy is the highest point in the state. In what mountain range is it located?

A. Catskills
B. Adirondacks
C. Appalachians
D. Taconics

Estimate the population of New York State to the nearest million:

A. 10 million
B. 5 million
C. 19 million
D. 40 million

Name the river that flows by Rome, Utica, Amsterdam, and Cohoes:

A. Hudson
B. Delaware
C. Oneida
D. Mohawk
8. The western terminus of the Old Erie Canal was located in
A. Rochester
B. Buffalo
C. Albany
D. Lockport

Name the north-south trending bodies of water that are found in Central New York:

A. Great Lakes
B. Appalachian Wetlands
C. Finger Lakes

Long Island Sound


According to Census 2000, what percentage of New Yorkers considers themselves to be African-American?

A. 40%
B. 5%
C. 1%
D. 15%

Many towns and villages in eastern New York end with the suffix –kill. It means creek or stream in

A. Dutch
B. French
C. Algonquin
D. Old English
12. What is the second highest waterfall in New York State?
A. Empire Falls
B. Angel Falls
C. Niagara Falls
D. Buttermilk Falls

Which of these places is the farthest east?

A. Bennington, VT
B. New Haven, CT
C. Montauk, NY
D.  Bronx, NY
14. Which of these is not a borough of the City of New York?
A. Manhattan
B. Staten Island
C. Queens
D. Yonkers
15. Which of these artificial waterways is still in existence as a working canal?
A. Erie Canal
B. Pennsylvania Canal
C. Chesapeake and Ohio Canal
D. Delaware and Hudson Canal