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Dr. Dugan Opens the Open SUNY 2018 Summit

On Wednesday, March 1, Dr. Lawrence Dugan was one of the first presenters at the 2018 annual Open SUNY Summit. As chair of the Open SUNY advisory council, Dr. Dugan is leading the council on its mission to contribute to the 2019-2022 Open SUNY strategic plan. As part of that process, he facilitated an hour-long brainstorming session with representatives from across SUNY on the topic of "The Future of Online Learning". The event was both live and virtual as over 60 campuses contributed to the brainstorming session on a virtual document. The one-hour session generated 8 pages of ideas for use in developing the strategic plan.

Notable among the discussion were the ideas of Open Education, the potential for Artificial Intelligence, Virtual/Augmented Reality, accessibility for all students, and the number of students seeking alternative forms of credentials. Barriers to success included the inability to act as quickly as our competitors, funding, faculty and student support.

In addition to the Summit, there were two other conferences going on at the same time in NY. The NUTN (National University Technology Network), where Dr. Dugan serves on the board and the SUNY Early Alerts meeting, where he also presented on aligning Starfish with the student information system for actionable tools.

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