Green IT

In 2007, Monroe Community College's Educational Technology Services (ETS) division was asked to review Phase I of the AASHE STARS report and comment on any issues related to technology. After review, ETS representatives noted that issues on sustainability and information technologies (Green IT) was an area not comprehensively covered in the STARS report.

ETS took the initiative to conduct research on Green IT and sustainability, and as a result, an MCC Green IT Campus Model framework and a Green IT wiki ( were developed. The purpose of the Green IT Campus Model initiative was to promote the integration of Green IT activities into campus sustainability efforts and to encourage the sharing of Green IT resources and best practices. ETS invites other institutions to contribute to the wiki to share additional information on the Green IT Model and to share other resources on IT campus sustainability efforts.

As a part of the Green IT Campus model initiative, an article, “The Greening of IT,” describing MCC's efforts in this area was authored by Jeffrey P. Bartkovich, Ph.D., MCC’s vice president for Educational Technology Services. The article was published in the inaugural issue of the League for Innovation in the Community College's "Leaflets" publication. This article is accessible at:

MCC believes that the role of IT in campus sustainability efforts can be broadened and expanded upon beyond what currently is included in the STARS reports and in campus sustainability plans. The development of the Green IT Campus Model framework and related Green IT activities at MCC has demonstrated the value of comprehensively integrating IT into campus sustainability planning efforts.

Specific details and additional background on the Green IT research conducted by MCC, and a collection of many Green IT resources, are available on the MCC Green IT Campus Model wiki.