Bartkovich and Fetzner Present on Green IT

Jeffrey P. Bartkovich, Ph.D., vice president for Educational Technology Services (ETS), and Marie Fetzner, Assistant to the vice president for ETS and ETS liaison to the Damon City Campus, presented "The Role of IT in Campus Sustainability Plans" at the SUNY Technology Conference (STC) on June 9, 2009. The presentation included a content analysis of ten campus sustainability plans and provided SUNY Chief Information Officers (CIOs) with recommendations for IT involvement in campus sustainability planning efforts.

The PowerPoint presentation and background research from the presentation have been posted on MCC's Green IT Campus Model wiki.

In an effort to promote sustainability and to conserve energy, fiscal and other resources, the 2009 STC conference presentations all were remotely delivered via webinar. The SUNY CIOs will review the conference participation rates and attendee feedback on the virtual conference concept to assess its potential use for future SUNY conferences, meetings and events.

Marie Fetzner
ETS VP Office