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Workshops & Conferences

This category contains professional development opportunities that consist of a single session or workshop and is geared for busy faculty members.  The TCC utilizes these one-time experiences to respond quickly to faculty needs and interests, to encourage pedagogical discussions and sharing of resources across disciplines, and to provide a forum for MCC faculty members with pedagogical innovations to showcase their work. Programs in this category include TCC Conversations and workshops; the Winter Teaching Institute (co-sponsored with the Department of Education and Human Services); Adjunct Faculty Professional Development Programs; and the year-end Teaching & Learning Conference.

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Cohort-based Programs

This category contains professional development opportunities that consist of collaborative groups of faculty members working together for a common goal.  These programs are designed for faculty members who are looking for an ongoing professional development opportunity.  During the semester, members will meet 4-5 times to discuss current research, develop new strategies and techniques, and work together to improve teaching.  Groups are faculty-driven and provide a supportive environment for exchanging ideas. Programs in this category include First-Year Faculty Series (FYFS), Second-Year Faculty Series (SYFS), Reflective Practice Groups (RPGs), Faculty Inquiry Groups (FIGs), and Reading Groups. 

Cohort Groups

Faculty Development Services

Services include one-on-one consultations, small group instructional feedback, and college-wide faculty mentoring program.  

 Faculty Services