Honors Institute

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If you're an academically talented and highly motivated student, consider the Monroe Community College Honors Institute. You'll have the unique opportunity to develop a special mentor relationship with an Honors faculty member, plus be eligible to participate in advanced learning experiences that provide an opportunity to grow through travel, team research, and project learning.

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Take your talents and interests further

The Honors Institute offers:
  • Small-sized honors courses taught by award-winning professors
  • Personal mentoring by Honors faculty who will assist you in selecting courses, transferring to four-year colleges, and securing scholarships
  • Unique curriculum and off-campus events
By completing the Institute requirements, you'll also graduate with a SUNY-registered Certificate in Honors Studies in addition to your chosen degree. MCC is among a select few community colleges in New York State able to offer this distinction.

Who's eligible to apply

Eligibility is based on one or more of the following:

  • New students-High school students should have a 90 or better GPA and/or be in the top 15% of their class with strong AP, SAT, or ACT exam scores. Non-high school students will be considered based on prior academic record, types of courses taken, class standing, and/or letters of recommendation from teachers or counselors.
  • Continuing students-Completion of at least 12 credit hours at MCC with a cumulative average of 3.5 or higher, or a cumulative average of 3.25 or higher with a recommendation by a professor.
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