Education & Human Services

MCC's Education and Human Services programs focus on helping others through all stages of life. Through our child-care programs, you'll learn how to give children the right start, focusing on the skills necessary to help keep children safe and to provide the assistance that encourages positive child development. Our education transfer programs give you a solid foundation for teaching children—with options for early childhood, childhood, or adolescence education-and prepare you to transfer to a four-year college in order to earn a bachelor's degree in education and receive New York state certification. Our human services programs provide skills to work in a variety of professions, including social work, community service, social service, health-related fields, counseling, therapy, and crime prevention.

Degree Programs

Education (A.A.)

This program fully prepares you for transfer to a four-year college or university to earn a bachelor's degree in education and New York state certification as a classroom teacher. At MCC, you'll be able to teach in a classroom setting almost immediately. You will choose one of three grade levels:

If you're not sure, you may choose the Undecided option and select your grade level later. You will also choose a major to coincide with your teaching degree. MCC subscribes to the SUNY Teacher Education Transfer Template (TETT), a State University of New York articulation program specifically designed to facilitate transfer between participating SUNY associate degree-granting institutions.
Requirements: Intermediate Algebra with Trigonometry or Math 104 at MCC (Level 6) for Early Childhood and Childhood majors. For adolescence majors, Pre-Algebra or TRS 094 at MCC (Level 3)

Child Care Practitioner (Liberal Arts General Studies Advisement Sequence) (A.S.)

This program blends a general education in the liberal arts and sciences with specialized child care courses. It is designed for students who are interested in becoming a professional child care practitioner, child care center lead teacher, or family child care practitioner. Students select from two program options: Human Services with an Early Childhood certificate, or Child Care Practitioner. The program includes CPR training, training to identify child abuse, and fulfills the educational requirement for Child Development Associate (CDA) national credentialing. New York state assistance may be available if you are currently employed in a child care facility.
Requirements: Pre-Algebra (1 year high school math or placement into Level 3 Math at MCC)

Addictions Counseling (A.S.)

The Addictions Counseling A.S. prepares you to help prevent substance abuse, counsel people with drug and alcohol problems, and provide other services to people suffering from addiction. The program is specifically designed for students who plan to earn a bachelor's degree in social work or a related field and ultimately work in a drug treatment agency, hospital, or drug prevention area. It provides the required knowledge, skills, and training hours mandated by the New York state Office of Alcoholism & Substance Abuse Services (OASAS) to earn certification as a Credentialed Alcohol and Substance Abuse Counselor (CASAC). Students in the Addictions Counseling program will complete an internship that provides the valuable opportunity to integrate work experience with academic course work. Note: To apply to become a CASAC, you must reside or work in New York state at least 51% of the time, be at least 18 years of age, and have a high school diploma or G.E.D. For more information, visit
Requirements: Intermediate Algebra with Trigonometry or Math 104 at MCC. Biology.

Human Services (A.S.)

This program provides an excellent foundation for students planning to pursue a four-year degree in a helping profession such as counseling, teaching, sociotherapy, or crime prevention. If you enjoy helping people make decisions and solve problems regarding their family, education, mental health and careers; if you enjoy helping people deal with their relationships with others; if you enjoy working with children as a counselor, social worker, early childhood specialist, or child care provider, and you intend to pursue an advanced degree, this is the right program for you. You'll participate in skill-building seminars and do required fieldwork for approximately nine hours per week.
Requirements: Pre-Algebra (1 year high school math or placement into Level 3 Math at MCC); Placement in English 101.

Human Services (A.A.S.)

A Human Services degree prepares you for a career in a variety of helping professions, including community and social welfare agencies, community organizations, habilitation and rehabilitation agencies, day care centers and nursery schools, elementary and secondary schools, geriatric services, social work agencies, mental health agencies, and institutions for the physically and mentally disabled. In addition to a general liberal arts curriculum, you will participate in skill-building seminars and do required fieldwork for approximately nine hours per week.
Requirements: Pre-Algebra (1 year high school math or placement into Level 3 Math at MCC


Early Care and Education

This certificate provides instruction in child growth and development, environment and curriculum, families in society, child assessment, communication, and professionalism and leadership. Students participate in on-site observations at MCC's nationally accredited child care center. Scholarships may be available through the New York state Child Care Educational Program if you are currently working in a licensed early childhood setting.
Requirements: High school diploma or equivalent, placement into TRS 105 English or higher

Human Services

This certificate is designed for students who want to learn the skills needed for human services employment or who want to upgrade their current position but do not want to pursue a college degree. You will complete four seminar courses and do field work over a four-semester period. Requirements: Elementary Algebra with Geometry (Math A exam or Math 098 at MCC), placement into English 101 Teaching Assistant: Early Childhood/Childhood, Adolescent or Technology The Teaching Assistant Certificate Program offers a choice between three different specialties, designed to provide the knowledge and skills necessary for a successful career as a K-12 teaching assistant/ paraprofessional. Each certificate fulfills the college credit hour requirements for a New York state Level II, III and pre-professional Teaching Assistant Certificate. Those seeking further training may apply credits toward an Education program degree.
Requirements: Elementary Algebra with Geometry or MTH 098 at MCC; Placement into English 101.