Transfer Services

Monroe Community College students have a proven record for successfully transferring to highly selective colleges and universities nationwide. In fact, nearly 70% of our graduates continue their education at four-year colleges and universities-including major national universities, small private colleges, all SUNY schools, and Ivy League colleges such as Cornell University.

Supporting your transfer success

MCC's dedicated transfer counselors will work with you to assure your successful preparation and planning for your ultimate educational goals. Among other activities and resources, they can help you with academic preparation for transferring, identifying appropriate colleges and universities that meet your needs, scholarships opportunities, and the transfer application process.

Connecting you with the four-year school of your dreams

Transfer college fairs are held each fall semester at MCC on the Brighton and Damon City campuses. Representatives from more than 50 colleges and universities meet with students and provide admissions and transfer-related resources. Throughout the year, recruiting visits are also scheduled on campus by numerous four-year colleges and universities.

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