Types of Enrollment

Photo of MCC classroom

When filling out scholarship applications, financial aid forms, or other documents, you may come across language about the type of student you want to enroll as. Here are definitions of the some the terms you may see.

Matriculated Student

A student who has been accepted for admission, has registered full-time in a specific curriculum, and is pursuing a degree or certificate. Required in order to receive financial aid, and to be eligible to earn a degree or certificate.

Non-Matriculated Student

A student who is taking courses without being accepted into a specific degree or certificate program. Non-matriculated students are not eligible to receive financial aid and may be required to score at the satisfactory level on placement testing and/or be interviewed before registering for classes.

Full-Time Student

A student who is enrolled for twelve (12) or more credit hours in a semester.

Part-Time Student

A student is one who is taking fewer than twelve (12) credit hours in a semester.

Readmitted Student

A student who has stopped attending MCC, reapplied, and re-enrolled.