Undeclared Option

Photo of MCC students working together.

Unsure about your future career plans or even your choice of major? Through the Undeclared option at Monroe Community College, you can take classes that let you explore your interests while you decide—and earn credits that count towards your degree. It's a great way to consider a variety of career paths and programs, without losing time or money.

An individualized education

As an undeclared student, you'll take courses that target your different interests as well as a broad base of general education courses that fulfill graduation requirements. You'll also work with an advisor who is there to help you choose the right courses, set goals, clarify your objectives, and stay on track for graduation. Each semester you'll attend a workshop on career decision-making offered exclusively for undeclared students. Also, through "Career and Life Planning for Undeclared Students," you'll take a series of assessments that help you learn more about yourself, your interests, and the careers that match them.

Key facts about the undeclared option

  • Your schedule is developed based on your individual academic background and career interests.
  • You spend the first year taking mostly general courses that are common to most degree programs.
  • You're eligible for honors courses, just like any other MCC student.
  • Credits earned transfer to colleges and universities nationwide.
  • You are eligible to apply for and receive financial aid.
  • You'll be advised by the Advising Center, including receiving help in planning your schedule and identifying career options.
  • Declare your major after completing one year or 30 credits and, depending on your program choice, you can graduate in two years if you are a full-time student.