Adult Students

Monroe Community College is an adult focused institution with the goal of providing a variety of options for adults that will allow you to earn a college credential in a way that meets your needs. These options are available whether you are entering college for the first time or returning to college to complete a college program started at some time in the past. The Office of Adult Learning is a one-stop resource ready to serve you. Services include help with the following:

  • Examine your records for credit that you may have earned outside the college classroom.
  • Review alternate scheduling options that could shorten your time while at MCC
  • Look at ways to earn a bachelor’s degree following your graduation from MCC in as little as 15 months
  • Explore careers appropriate to your personal goals
  • Become familiar with colleges that offer on line degrees
  • Introduce you to workshops that help you balance family, career and school
  • Learn the advantages of ongoing advisement (each semester and in between) through the Adult Office
  • Discover which local and online colleges will accept credits beyond your MCC degree that count towards a bachelor’s degree

For more information contact MCC’s Office of Adult and Experiential Learning – Building 3, Room 108, Brighton Campus, 292-3219 or at:

Remember, if you think it will take you forever to get a degree at your age, think again: “It Won’t”