Meet Corey Kreiss

Hometown: Marion, New York
Major: Engineering Science
MCC activities: Math Club, Engineering Leadership Council
Currently: Interning at Goulds Pumps

What is the biggest benefit of attending MCC?
"Most people go to MCC because it's affordable, which is a nice bonus. But I honestly believe that if you motivate yourself and embrace your education at MCC, you are going to get one of the best educations that you'll ever receive."

What about the faculty?
"They do more than just teach a class. I was able to form a relationship with most of my professors because the classes were usually small."

Is there a particular MCC faculty member who had an impact on you?
"John Wadach. He brings out the best in his students because he is dedicated to his work. He provokes an excitement for learning, which I will carry with me in the future."

What is your most memorable class experience?
"One class I don't think that I will ever forget is Engineering Robotics. My lab partner and I spent countless hours working on this project. It may only have been worth one credit, but I am fairly certain that this course is the reason I was hired for an internship."

What was your biggest challenge as an incoming student at MCC?
"I had graduated from a small high school and may have been a little intimidated by MCC's size."

What is your favorite place to grab a bite to eat on campus?
"Starry Nights. There is hardly ever a line, even during peak hours."