Meet Danielle Betts

Photo of MCC student Danielle Betts

Hometown: Brighton, NY
Major: Criminal Justice
MCC activities: Damon City Campus Peer Leader
Most-watched TV shows: Anything on HGTV
Recommended website:
Favorite book: The Help

What's your most memorable class experience?
"Professor Stevens was giving a lecture on the literature of the Holocaust. It was at that very moment that I knew what path I needed to go down. She changed my life. She believed in me and saw my passion."

What advice would you give a new MCC student?
"Work hard and remember that the faculty is there for you. Work with them and they will open up the path for your life."

How has MCC changed you?
"It has opened my eyes and my soul to the greatness that is around me."

What's your biggest challenge?
"I am a returning adult student and a single parent, so just learning to juggle my life has been a challenge."

How do you spend your time?
"When I'm not at MCC, you can usually find me with my son at soccer practice or home studying."

What's your next step?
"I plan on transferring to Cornell to continue my studies in Sociology."