Meet Erinne Cunningham

Photo of MCC student Erinne Cunningham

Hometown: Jamestown, New York
Major: Liberal Arts
MCC activities: Women's basketball team
Most-watched TV shows: Grey's Anatomy, Project Runway
Favorite music: Anything I can dance to

Why did you choose MCC?
"The excellent women's basketball program and the great education offered."

What was your biggest challenge as an incoming student?
"Being on my own and away from home for the first time and joining a new social environment."

What advice would you give a new MCC student?
"Attend as many classes you can and create positive relationships with your professors."

How have MCC faculty influenced you?
"They have all shown me different learning and studying strategies while influencing me to be self-disciplined, responsible, a good communicator and an overall good person."

What is your most memorable class experience?
"In English class we read a novel and then wrote e-mails to our individual book buddies, who were MCC faculty members, sharing our thoughts and opinions on the book."

When you're not in class, where can you usually be found?
"On the basketball court, in the weight room, or in my dorm room."

What is your favorite place to grab a bite to eat on campus?
"The MarketPlace because they have so many choices — particularly their cookies!"