Meet Rimsha Khan

Hometown: Karachi, Pakistan
Major: Liberal Arts-Political Science
MCC activities: Student Government Association, Honors Institute
Favorite music: Pop, hip-hop, r&b

What was your biggest challenge as an incoming student?
"I had moved from the opposite side of the world. I had no high school friends or anyone I knew from before. It was the beginning of something new for me."

Why did you choose MCC?
"Because I thought it would provide me a solid college base for transfer later."

How has MCC changed you?
"It has opened me to so many different opportunities—education and otherwise—that I will be always thankful for."

What advice would you give a new MCC student?
"Take advantage of the one-on-one classroom experience and the amazingly helpful professors here."

When you're not in class, where can you usually be found?
"Probably at the ELC (Electronic Learning Center) getting some work done if not grabbing lunch somewhere on campus."

What is your favorite place to eat on campus?
"The MarketPlace for sure. They have various things for every budget and mood! Also the location is so convenient."