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08/26/2014MCC Toastmasters Club Meeting
09/10/2014TCC at DCC:  Service Learning
09/17/2014TCC at Brighton:  Service Learning
09/17/2014TCC at DCC:  Helping Students Become Self-Directed Learners
09/18/2014ADV 104 Workshop:  Degree Works
09/18/2014Faculty Senate Meeting
09/24/2014TCC at DCC:  To use or not to use OER (Open Educational Resources)
09/25/2014ADV 115 Workshop: Health Related Program Information 
09/26/2014ADV 113 Workshop:  Financial Aid Yearly Update
10/01/2014TCC at Brighton: Getting Started with Group Work (Beginners)
10/01/2014TCC at DCC:  Preparing Students for Scholars’ Day: How-To
10/06/2014TCC at Brighton: Common Issues with Group Work (Intermediate/Advanced)
10/13/2014TCC at Brighton: Facilitating Good Discussions
10/22/2014TCC at DCC:  Facilitating Good Discussions
10/30/2014TCC at Brighton: Not the Mama: Teaching While Black and Female
11/07/2014TCC at DCC: Not the Mama: Teaching While Black and Female

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