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International Service-Learning Presentation

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Monroe B
12:30 pm - 01:30 pm

You are welcome to attend a presentation about an innovative service-learning project that crosses borders...literally. On Thursday, September 13th, MCC Professor Laura Penman and Professor Maria Luisa Lopez Segura from Instituto Tecnologico de la Laguna (ITL) in Torreon, Mexico will describe their ongoing international collaboration to develop a small production unit to dehydrate fruits and vegetables without electricity. Students from MCC and ITL are developing the production unit in order to benefit women in an isolated community in Mexico who desire year-round access to nutritious food and the capacity to generate their own income. Professor Lopez Segura and five of her students from ITL will be describing their contributions to the development and testing of the drying oven portion of the production unit.  In June 2018, Professor Penman traveled to Torreon with five MCC students to meet the women, develop prototypes for irrigation, and collect information to make recommendations about the development of their small business operation. This collaboration and the associated travel between Rochester and Torreon was funded by a 100,000 Strong in the Americas grant awarded in Fall 2017.

There is the potential for this collaboration to become even more interdisciplinary in the coming years. By attending this presentation, faculty in a variety of disciplines (global education, engineering, food science, business, sociology, graphic design, environmental science, sustainability, etc.) may be inspired to develop lessons associated with this real-world collaboration.

CONTACT: Laura Penman, Biology