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MCC Students Garner International Recognition

MCC student Shanon Gibson was among 30 out of 1,200 chapter presidents to earn distinguished designation in Phi Theta Kappa International Honor Society. Gibson has served as president of MCC’s Alpha Theta Iota chapter for the past year. Her selection as Distinguished President was based on her demonstration of leadership, involvement in chapter programs, friendship with fellow scholars, and enthusiasm for Phi Theta Kappa’s hallmarks.

Gibson was honored April 5 during the 90th Phi Theta Kappa International Convention, at which time students in MCC’s Alpha Theta Iota Chapter received a Distinguished Chapter Award. Only 25 chapters out of the 1,200 around the globe receive the designation, earning it based on written entries and projects implemented within the organization’s hallmarks of leadership, service and scholarship. Students also received a Service Hallmark Award, recognizing their efforts in implementing an international service program called Operation Green: Improving our Communities. 

Officers are: Gibson, president; Tiffany Walker, vice president / service; Katsiaryna Pleshankova, vice president of scholarship; Lauren McKenna, vice president / historian and yearbook; Andrew Wagoner, vice president of leadership; Sara Furguson and David Luckenbach, vice presidents of membership; Chara Marks and David Vore, vice presidents of service; and Cindie McNulty-Costello, treasurer/finance. Active members include Janessa Colligan, Lori LaRussa and Michelle Hartlieb. Jodi Oriel, Campus Center assistant director, and Lynn Bartholome, associate professor, English/philosophy, serve as advisors.

Attached is a photo taken after Alpha Theta Iota received the Distinguished Chapter Award. Shown in the front is Lauren McKenna; from left to right are Jodi Oriel, Andy Wagoner, Katsia Pleshankova, Chara Marks, Shanon Gibson and Lynn Bartholome; behind Lynn is David Luckenback.

alpha theta iota winners from international convention.jpg - alpha theta iota winners from international convention.jpg

Dianne E McConkey
College and Community Relations