Student Tribune

Onesie Drive

The Health Information Technology Club continues to support Operation Onesie, sponsored by the 2020 Micro Clinic Initiative, a non-profit organization with a mission to promote safe child birth in rural settings. Operation Onesie is an incentive to mothers in rural Kenya who elect to participate in a 2020 childbirth surveillance program and give birth under supervision of a skilled attendant. Each mother who participates will receive a washbasin, one bar of soap, a receiving blanket and ten onesies.  For those unfamiliar, onesies are a one piece garment worn by newborns, infants and older young children as well.

Students will have a table set up by the Brick Lounge from 11am-3 pm, Tuesday, November 27, 2012. Donations may also be dropped off to the HIT lab in 7-305.

Thank you for your support.

Mary Jo Toepfer
Health Professions