Student Tribune

Ending Interpersonal Violence: One Recruit at a Time

Conflict and disagreement are natural components of human interaction. We as people are bound to experience situations where we will not agree with each other or the positions we take as free thinking individuals. Of course, the preferred methods of addressing our disagreements are through compromise and civil behavior. Respect for one another and the beliefs we hold dear are what separates us from those in society who prey on those who seek to establish good will and consensus. Unfortunately, we as a society have been saturated with examples of interpersonal violence. Whether the examples come from social networking, the video gaming industry, Hollywood, popular music, or from other sources, the effects of the constant deluge of violent images and messages has broken down the social fabric that holds our collective society together.


As I write this article, our nation has suffered a series of mass shootings that has taken the lives of an astonishing number of people including our nations’ greatest treasures… children. These senseless acts of violence have shocked our collective sensibilities and have provided proof positive that we as a society have failed to meet our responsibilities to protect one another and provide assistance to those in need.


In order to counter the trend of violence in our society; we must all stand together and declare that we will no longer accept inappropriate and uncivil behavior. The use of inappropriate and disturbing language, bullying, discrimination, the saturation of our society with violent images, messages, entertainment, and the selling of violence as an acceptable method of conflict resolution must cease immediately and be replaces with compassion, understanding, and patience.


In addition, we must be willing to look out for and take care of one another, especially when it comes to assisting those in crisis. We must possess what I affectionately call the “caring gene” and offer our assistance to those who need it most. If we lose our ability to care for one another, then society has failed in its efforts to build a better today and tomorrow for one another.


Addressing violence in our society is a team effort. In order to be successful in reducing societal violence we must all work together. MCC Public Safety and the MCC Civility Committee wish to recruit you in our violence reduction efforts. Seek out ways in which you can look out for and take care of another and be the positive role model that is so desperately needed in a world where violence has become the preferred method of conflict resolution.  Together, we CAN make a difference!

Chuck DiSalvo
The Civility Project: Making Courtesy Common Committee