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Feed your Mind!

When registering for your spring classes, consider one of the 25 different Honors courses the Honors Institute is offering next semester. Honors courses

have smaller class sizes than regular courses, limited to at most 21 students,
involve greater interaction with other students and the professor,
help develop a deeper understanding of the course material, and better verbal and written communication skills,
often integrate co-curricular activities like outside speakers and field trips, or project-based learning,
will appear on your transcript with a special Honors designation,
and allow you to be part of the intellectual community of other bright and talented students at MCC.  

If you are looking for a challenging yet supportive academic experience and would like to be part of a community of serious, motivated students try an Honors course this spring! Submit the attached application to the Honors Institute, room 5-212.

Application for Spring 2014 Honors Courses plain.pdf - Application for Spring 2014 Honors Courses plain.pdf

Paul D'Alessandris
Honors Institute