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ADV 113: Financial Aid Yearly Update at DCC

Please let your staff know about the new ADV course on Financial Aid updates for the new academic year 2014-15:

Course description:
ADV 113, FINANCIAL AID YEARLY UPDATE - This interactive workshop will provide updates and insight relating to new information in the always-changing college financial aid field. It will cover federal and New York state aid and scholarships for the upcoming academic year. Participants will have the opportunity to freely ask questions about any topic on financial aid. The presenter also will have financial aid “fireball questions” for participants, facilitating a deeper understanding of the topics covered. This workshop will help advisors understand new financial aid polices that could impact a student’s ability to receive aid.

Thursday, June 12th
2:00-4:00 pm
Damon City Campus
Room 5025

The presentation will cover the following topics:

Part 1 -Financial aid update 2014-2015

1.    Federal financial aid update
a.     FAFSA application significant changes
b.    Reporting same-sex marriage
c.     Parent update
d.    Verification changes

2.    New York state financial aid application update
a.     TAP
b.    APTS

3.   Scholarships updates
a.     MCC scholarships update
b.     External scholarships
c.    Tribunes’ scholarships messages
d.     Scholarships resources sites at MCC

Part 2 – Be prepared for the financial aid general information FIREBALLS questions:

1.    Understanding the financial aid period and terms at MCC
a.     Summer financial aid, how does it work?
b.    Intersession financial aid, how does it work?

2.    Understanding the financial aid award process

3.    Understanding the criteria to keep the financial aid

4.    Loans limits
a.     Educational debt
b.    Loan default
c.     What is SALT?

5.    Pell Grant limits
a. Factors that affect the Pell amount/eligibility

Ramon L. Rodriguez
Financial Aid