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Lockdown Drill Results

Brighton Campus Lockdown Drill Results

On June 3, 2014, the Department of Public Safety conducted an unannounced lockdown drill at the MCC Brighton campus. This drill was initiated to reinforce safety practices which must be followed during an emergency campus sheltering event; specifically a lockdown. The drill was also conducted to increase awareness and understanding of the emergency notification messages that are broadcast during a lockdown process.

The lockdown drill ran smoothly with compliance and participation by nearly all of the Brighton campus community. The drill began at 9:21 A.M. and concluded 12 minutes later. Most individuals who were in vulnerable areas and hallways correctly sought shelter inside interior rooms and utilized steps to make their environment safer.

Safety drills and emergency management exercises will continue in the future as an effort to keep the MCC community safe. Your participation is always welcome and very much appreciated.

You can find more information on specific lockdown procedures at the MCC Department of Public Safety website by selecting the link “Lockdown Training Video.”

Coordinator Richard Schill
Public Safety