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MCC STEP students attended the 2013 STEP Statewide Student Conference

Sixteen(16) MCC STEP students from RACS middle and high schools attended the 2013 STEP Statewide Student Conference in Albany, NY on March 8th-10th.  The theme of the Conference was,

“ STEP: 15 years from Excellence to Eminence. Our Journey Continues...” STEP students had the opportunity to participate in workshops like: “What is STEM and Why Should You Care?”, “Bullying: Combatting An Unnecessary Evil” and “The College Scandal: Transitioning From High School to College”, just to name a few. MCC STEP students also participated in a book discussion, spoke to admission counselors during the 6th Annual College Fair, socialized with other STEP students during the Student Talent Show, Carnival/Party and got all dressed up for a Celebratory Dinner.  In addition, students attended the Student Research Poster Competition where they observed other students’ display boards and spoke to many of the presenters and congratulated the winners during the Award Ceremony. The students are anticipating having their opportunity to participate in next year’s Research and T-Shirt Competitions with the goal of ultimately bringing home a trophy.

The students wore their MCC STEP T-Shirts, performed their original MCC Cheer (with pompoms and cheer banners on loan from MCC’s Athletic Department) and sported their MCC sweatshirts (purchased on sale at MCC’s Bookstore),  all of which attracted a lot of positive attention because they truly looked like a unified team and behaved like the bright, future leaders they are destined to become. 

Special thanks to my chaperons for all their support & assistance with the students!!

STEP is funded through a legislative grant by the New York State Education Department and has been at MCC for over 25 years. The mission of STEP is to prepare secondary school students who are historically underrepresented or economically disadvantaged for entry into postsecondary degree programs in Science, Technology, Engineering, Math (STEM), health and licensed professions.

2013 STEP Conference in Albany, NY 002.JPG - 2013 STEP Conference in Albany, NY 002.JPG
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Arian Martin