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Economic Development and Innovative Workforce Services division releases first report of MCC generated labor market information.

EDIWS, in partnership with the Center for Governmental Research and the Rochester Business Journal, surveyed local industry to gather data that will help MCC better understand the workplace needs of Rochester area businesses. A total of 338 area professionals responded to the survey on topics covering skill needs, training and the business climate.

The survey report, titled “Rochester Area Skill Needs Assessment and Business Climate Survey,” had a response that spanned six different industries and showed a shortage of qualified workers for about 740 persistently unfilled positions. Most of these positions are at the middle-skill level. The report also indicated heavy demand for computer numerically controlled machinists, and a need for on-site supervisory/management and leadership training.

The data collected is intended to help inform the college in developing new programs and new formats for delivery, like the MCC Accelerated Precision Tooling Certificate program, which are designed to address documented skill gaps in the regional workforce. Generating local labor market information and leveraging it in this way is an innovative and unique approach to address workforce skills needs, and is part of the mission of EDIWS.

The survey results confirm that our efforts in the past two years to strengthen the local workforce pipeline represent a step in the right direction. I invite you to read the complete report at HYPERLINK ""  

The EDIWS division will conduct Rochester area industry surveys twice a year to stay informed of changing workforce needs. The next survey is scheduled for early November.

Todd Oldham, Vice President
Economic Development and Innovative Workforce Services