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Active Shooter Situation – How Would You Respond?

Emergency events across the country, including the recent shootings at the Century Movie Theater, Aurora, CO. and Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, CT., have shown that we all need to have a plan in the event we find ourselves in a similar situation.  The actions taken in the initial minutes of an emergency of this nature are critical.

What would you do if such an event occurred on the MCC campus?  If there is a report of an active shooter on any of our campuses, all campuses would go into lockdown and the emergency situation would be broadcast to the college community by our internal communication systems.   Additionally, the college community will be notified via the NY Alert system.   Each individual will then make decisions and take action that will impact their own safety and possibly the safety of others.  

The MCC Department of Public Safety, in conjunction with the MCC Community Emergency Response Team (CERT), has created a Lockdown video to raise awareness about ways you can respond during a lockdown event if you are in a classroom.  This video is captioned.   

A second video, Run-Hide-Fight: Surviving an Active Shooter Incident was designed to teach people how to react during a workplace shooting.   If you are in a space and suddenly find yourself in an active shooter situation, getting yourself out of harm’s way needs to be your first priority.  If you can get out safely, then get out and warn others of the danger.  This video was created by the Houston Police Department.

Both videos can be found on the MCC Public Safety website (A-Z Index -> Public Safety) and on the MCC M: drive at M:\Offices\Shared\Active Shooter Videos.   

We strongly recommend that you view both videos.  

Special thanks go out to the CERT TEAM, Chairperson Lori Moses (VaPA), Associate Professor Ilene Benz (VaPA), Maryann Cianciotto (VaPA), Sandy Warren (Human Resources) and the student volunteers for their assistance with the MCC Lockdown video.   

If you have any questions, please contact the MCC Dept of Public Safety at 292-2902.

Director David T. Moore
Dept. of Public Safety