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Diversity and Community Studies Film and Lecture Series REMINDER!

The Diversity and Community Studies Film and Lecture Series presents a very special lecture this Thursday, December 6, 2012 at 12:30pm in Room 4151 on the Damon City Campus (DCC).  Professor Nayda Pares-Kane, Sociology, will give a talk on “China:  Globalization and Interdependence”, in which she “will discuss the ways in which our relationship with China reveals the complexities of an interdependent world”.  

As always, this Series is free and open to the public.   The event is sponsored by the Department of Anthropology/History/Political Science/Sociology, the Diversity and Community Studies Program and the DCC Campus Center. 

A flier is attached, so please share and encourage student attendance.  Thank you!

SFSDCSNaydaChinaDamonflier.fall2012.doc - SFSDCSNaydaChinaDamonflier.fall2012.doc

Christine Plumeri
Anthropology/History/Political Science/Sociology