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May 5th- 11th is National Anxiety and Depression Awareness Week

Did you know that many students at MCC suffer from depression?

According to results from the 2011 National College Health Assessment Survey, MCC students on the Brighton Campus reported the following during their past academic year:

51% felt very sad

46% felt very lonely

46% experienced feelings of hopelessness

31% felt so depressed it was difficult to function

Everyone has experienced feelings of depression at one time or another. These feelings commonly follow loss or disappointment and they usually pass in a few hours or days. When depressive feelings, however, persist and interfere with one's health and social well-being, then some sort of intervention or professional help is needed. See the link below for more information on depression, and click on the second link to take the Mayo Clinic’s self-assessment test for depression.

*There are counselors available in the Counseling, International and Veteran’s Services Office who specialize in behavioral health issues and are here to help those at the college who may be dealing with depression.

Self-assessment test for depression (Mayo Clinic)

Audra Dion
Counseling, International and Veteran Services