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Top Corporate Recruiters Require Leadership Skills and MCC Leads The Way!!

Did you know that developing and enhancing your leadership skills is necessary in the eyes of the nation’s top corporations.  The LEAD (Leadership Education and Development) Program has a series of workshops, retreats and courses that will train you in the principles and practices of great leadership.  This training will increase your potential to lead in your school, work and community.  Each component of the program is designed to help you understand your leadership style, hone your communication skills and learn how to work effectively within groups.  While participating in the LEAD Program you can earn a leadership certificate which will give you the competitive edge needed in the workforce today!  To see a list of workshops and to sign up go to HYPERLINK "" or contact Lisa Wallace in the Damon City Campus Student Services Center at HYPERLINK "" or Maureen Karlnoski in the Office of Student Life and Leadership Development at HYPERLINK "" 

Jodi Oriel
Office of Student Life and Leadership Development