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What Are You Waitlisting For?

Summer 2014 Registration is now open!  To improve the Registration & Waitlist processes, Registration & Records is piloting Automatic Waitlist Processing for the summer 2014 term (except for Biology, BIO, courses).

The Automatic Waitlist process is proactive approach in the communication and registration of classes. When a student attempts to register for a class and the class is filled, the student can add themselves to the waitlist. When a spot opens up in the class, the student will notified immediately by email to register. The student will be given 72 hours to respond and register themselves into the class (changing their status from “Waitlist” to “Web Registered”). The week before summer classes’ start, the student’s time to respond and register for a (waitlisted) class will be reduced from 72 hours to 24 hours.

A student’s waitlist position, notification time and status will be listed in the Student Detail Schedule in Self-Service Banner / MyMCC.

For further information & FAQs on this new process, please visit our waitlist webpage at:

Happy Registering & Waitlisting in 2014! 

Doug Miller
Registration & Records