Business & Industry Communication Project

Thank you for your interest in MCC’s Business & Industry Communications Project!

What is the Business and Industry Communications Project?
One of the major challenges community colleges face involves keeping a finger on the pulse of the changing workforce needs of local business and industry. With a greater focus on MCC’s role as an economic and workforce developer, the College, in partnership with Goodwill of the Finger Lakes, Inc., has decided to create a comprehensive database of regional employers. The College will communicate with the employers in the database regarding workforce development opportunities and partnerships.

Why did I receive a call?
You were contacted because your business was identified as potentially benefiting from information on work force training and grant initiatives, and we want to help support you in these areas.

Why should I “opt-in?”
Employers in this database will be able to receive targeted communications regarding opportunities to participate in grant funding to support workforce training, workforce partnerships and training consortia, employee participation in college advisory boards and select workforce surveys.

What happens next?
If you have already been contacted, then based on your input, we will contact you with future opportunities that match your interests.

If you have not been contacted yet and would like to be added to the database, please complete our online form and one of our directors will follow-up with you within two business days.

If you have any questions or would just like to speak to us regarding this initiative, please contact Elaine Lyons at