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Installing Apps on Your Mobile Device

When installing apps on your mobile device, only download apps you need and from trusted sources. For iPads and iPhones, only download apps from iTunes. These apps are screened by Apple before they are made available. For Google, it is recommended you download apps from just Google Play. For Amazon tablets, stick with the Amazon App Store. While you can download apps from other sites, these are not vetted and could be infected. Regardless of where you got your app, once you no longer need or actively use it, you should delete it from your device.

When installing a new app, make sure you review and set the privacy options, just like you did when initially configuring your device. Be careful of what you allow each app to access. For example, does the app you just downloaded really need to have access to all of your friend and contact information? If you are uncomfortable with the permission requirements of an app, find a different one that meets your needs. In addition, regularly check the permissions to ensure they have not changed.

Donna Pogroszewski
Communications and Network Services