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Title III: Building a Culture of Engagement and Success 2012 - 2017

Ebony Caldwell, Ed.D.
Project Director


MCC was awarded a five-year federal Title III grant , "Building a Culture of Engagement and Success" in October 2012. This grant supported MCC's vision for promoting student success in two ways: a comprehensive redesign of developmental education and the creation of a student success collaborative. The grant also supported the professional development of faculty and staff.


MCC implemented STARFISH EARLY ALERT and STARFISH CONNECT, an early warning and student tracking system. Early Alert enables faculty and staff to learn more about our students' academic progress early in the semester. Connect promotes effective communication and greater flexibility for faculty and staff to provide students’ with needed supports.These modules are used to support select student populations in their critical first year and beyond. The MCC Early Alert has grown from serving only five (5) special populations to serving all MCC students and 13 special populations. As of Fall 2015, the Starfish Early Alert System is available to all students, faculty, and staff.


The Student Success Collaborative (SSC) was designed to intentionally integrate New Student Orientation (NSO), College Orientation and Success Strategies (COS), and the First Year Experience (FYE) program. The SSC supports the student transition to college, reinforces the expectation of academic success, and emphasizes collaboration between classroom and co-curricular involvement from the moment a student enters the College.

New Student Orientation (NSO)

The Orientation Program is designed to help students transition to MCC. On-campus and online orientation will teach students about classroom expectations, role of faculty and staff, and campus engagement opportunities that will complement their learning experience.

First Year Experience (FYE)

The FYE program begins at orientation, continues with College Success courses, progresses through a variety of social, academic, and career development experiences, and culminates with active engaged students who possess the strategies and habits of mind for success in college and beyond.

College Success Course (COS)

The College Orientation and Success Strategies (COS) course enables students to transition successfully into the college environment by incorporating strategies designed to build skills and promote habits of mind that will sustain them throughout their lives and careers.

Transitional Studies (TRS)

The TRS program provides access to the college with transitional support in upgrading skills, presenting pathways, and fostering personal growth required for academic and career success.

TRS - Flexible Pace Math Lab

Flexible Pace Math courses allow students to move more efficiently, effectively, and with enhanced understanding into credit bearing math classes.


Integrated Reading and Writing courses offer students opportunities to prepare for the reading/writing demands of college level work.