Goals For Academic Advising

Four national surveys of advising practices have collected data on the achievement of eight goals for academic advising. The goals were developed by a NACADA task force that was charged with providing input to the Council for the Advancement of Standards (CAS) in 1980. These goals formed the basis for the development of the CAS Standards for Academic Advising and the CAS Self-Assessment Guide for Academic Advising:

  • Assisting students in self-understanding and self-acceptance (values clarification; understanding abilities, interests, and limitations)
  • Assisting students in considering their life goals by relating their interests, skills, abilities, and values to careers, the world of work, and the nature and purpose of higher education
  • Assisting students in developing an educational plan consistent with their life goals and objectives
  • Assisting students in developing decision-making skills
  • Providing accurate information about institutional policies, procedures, resources, and programs
  • Referring students to other institutional or community support services
  • Assisting students in evaluating or reevaluating progress toward established goals and educational plans
  • Providing information about students to the institution, college, academic departments, or some combination thereof.

Source: Academic Advising: A Comprehensive Handbook, Gordon, Habley and Associates (2000) pg. 40-41.