What is eRefund?

No more waiting!

No need to wait for checks in the mail. eRefund is the quick, secure, and convenient way to get your financial aid refunds.

Now, you can enroll online to have financial aid and other refunds deposited directly into your checking or savings account. A prepaid debit card that includes banking information can also be used. That means your funds are available in 2 to 3 business days (varies by bank). No more waiting up to 10 days for a paper check to arrive in the mail.

You’ll receive an email notification when your actual eRefund has been processed and is ready to be transferred to your bank account.

Why wait for your financial aid refund check or other refunds to arrive in the mail? Sign up now to have your refund deposited directly into YOUR bank account or prepaid debit card that includes banking information.

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What are the benefits of eRefund


Once you sign up, you’ll get an email as soon as your refund has been processed. You will have access to funds sooner. No more waiting for the mail, then making an extra trip to the bank to deposit your check.


Direct deposit eliminates the possibility that your check will be lost in the mail or stolen. And you won’t have your check returned to us as “undeliverable” if there’s a problem with your address.


Choose to have refunds deposited directly into a checking or savings account, belonging to you or your parents.

NOTE – If your bank information changes, it is critical to update your banking information for proper crediting of your refund.