Meetings, Seminars, Trade Shows, Exhibits and Teleconferences

The Brighton Campus, Downtown Campus, Applied Technologies Center, and Public Safety Training Facility have classrooms, lecture halls and conference rooms that can easily be arranged to complement your event.

Many classrooms are equipped with blackboards or whiteboards; lecture halls and some classrooms have projection systems, SmartBoards, technology-populated podiums, instructor computer workstations, and sound systems to facilitate presentations. Large groups can be accommodated in MCC's theater, gymnasium, as well as the Warshof Conference Center in the R Thomas Flynn Campus Center.

Brighton and Downtown Campus have video-conference and satellite-delivered programming capability, in classrooms, lecture halls, conference rooms, dining areas and the theater.

If your presentation requires technical equipment, we can provide it. Our equipment services include:

  • Web video-conferencing (live and broadcast)
  • 25-inch color monitors
  • Large-screen video/data projection
  • Document camera
  • DVD Players
  • Portable sound systems
  • Podium command centers
  • 42 inch plasma displays