Composing a Resume: Objective

An objective conveys a sense of direction: it is a "theme" statement that will help you organize the supporting information in the rest of the resume. The objective should be written from the perspective of what you have to offer rather than what you want from an employer.

An objective can be as short as the name of a position: "Financial Analyst position" or "Public Relations Specialist." Or, objectives may include the type of organization where you want to work, geographic area, specific skills you will bring to the position, or a particular interest area. The elements you include in your objective will depend on your unique situation and your research on the employer's needs.

To develop a strong, targeted objective, think about the following questions:

  • What type of position do you want?
  • Where? (type of organization or work environment)
  • What level of responsibility?
  • What special conditions/contributions?


An entry-level position in the Travel and Tourism field with opportunity to contribute effective customer service skills and increase profits.