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Career Profiles and Career Forums

Career Profiles provide you with valuable career related information including descriptions, related careers and job titles, salary information and educational/training requirements. Choose "Links" to find a list of websites that provide information about the listed academic programs/majors and related careers.

View a Career Forum where you will hear professionals speak about and answer questions regarding their experiences in their respective fields.

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Academic Program/Major or Career Field Profile Sheet View Career Forums
Accounting Careers in Accounting
Advertising & Public Relations  
Air Conditioning Technology  
Anthropology Careers in Anthropology & Museum Studies
Applied Technologies Careers in Applied Technologies
Atmospheric Science & Meteorology  
Biology Careers in Biology
Business Careers in Business 1 |
Careers in Business 2
Business Administration  
Working with Children Careers Working with Children
Chemical Technology  
Civil Construction Technology  
Communications & Broadcasting Careers in Communications & Media Arts
Communication & Science  
Communication, Non-Media Related Careers in Science and Communications
Computer Information Systems  
Computer Science Careers in Computer Science
Computer Technology  
Construction Management Careers in Construction Management
Counseling Careers in Counseling
Court Reporting  
Criminal Justice, Non-Law Enforcement Careers in Criminal Justice,
Non-Law Enforcement
Criminal Justice, Police & Corrections  
Dental Assisting  
Dental Hygiene  
Early Childhood Education Careers in Education
Education Careers in Education
Electrical Engineering Technology  
Electronic Publishing  
EMT Paramedic  
Engineering Careers in Engineering
Environmental Science Careers in Environmental Science
Event Planning Careers in Event Planning
Fashion Industry Careers in the Fashion Industry
Financial Services  
Fire Protection Technology  
Food Service Management  
Foreign Languages Careers in Foreign Languages
Forensic Science Careers in Forensic Science
Geo-Science, Geography & Geology Careers in the Geosciences
Golf Course Management  
Graphic Arts & Printing  
Graphic Design Careers in Graphic Design 1 |
Careers in Graphic Design 2
Green Industry (Landscape, Nursery...) Careers in the Green Industry
Health-Care Therapists  
Health Information Technology & Medical Records  
Helping Professions Careers in the Helping Professions
High Demand Health Programs at MCC High Demand Health Programs
Health Field Careers in the Health Field
Health Studies Careers in Health Studies
History & Political Science Careers in History & Political Science
Holistic Health - Acupuncture, Chiropractic and Nutrition Careers in Holistic Health
Homeland Security Careers in Homeland Security
Hospitality Careers in Hospitality
Hotel Technology  
Human Resources Careers in Human Resources
Human Rights Careers in Human Rights
Human Services  
Interior Design Careers in Interior Design
International Business  
Landscape Architecture  
Law & Federal Government  
Law & Politics  
Machine Trades, Tooling & Machining  
Manufacturing Technology  
Marketing / Marketing and Advertising  
Massage Therapy Careers in Massage Therapy and Personal Services
Mechanical Technology  
Medical Transcription  
Non-Profit Organizations  
Nursing Careers in Nursing
Nutrition Careers in Nutrition
Office Technology  
Optical Systems Technology  
Packaging Science  
Personal Services Careers in Massage Therapy and Personal Services
Pharmacy Careers in Pharmacy
Photography & Television  
Physical Education, Health & Recreation  
Psychology & Counseling Careers in Psychology
Public Administration  
Public Relations Careers in Public Relations
Radiologic Technologist  
Retail Business Management  
Science & Communication Careers in Science and Communications
Small Business Management  
Social Media Careers in Social Media
Sociology & Social Work Careers in Social Work
Speech Language Pathology & Audiology Careers in Speech Pathology & Audiology
Sports Business Careers in Sports
Sports Management Careers in Sports Management
Theatre Arts Careers in Theatre Arts
Travel & Tourism  
Undecided Students #1 "I Was Undecided..." Panel Discussion
Undecided Students #2 "I Was Undecided..." Panel Discussion
Veterinary Science Careers in Veterinary Medicine
Video Game Design Careers in Video Game Design

Employer Panels

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April 24, 2013 Employer Panel