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Freshman Info/Costs



Dental Hygiene students are required to have a physical examination before entering the program. You must use the correct Health Services form: Health Career Physical Exam Packet - Dental Hygiene.  This form requires a doctor's signature.  It is critical that you have done this before school starts.  Full out the form completely and submit it to Health Services before the first day of classes. 

Information and forms


Health Professions students are required to have health insurance. The school will bill you for this insurance unless you can show that you carry your own health insurance. You must submit a Health Insurance Waiver Form in order to clear this charge from your student account.

Instruments and Supplies

  • Instruments and Supplies: You will need these the first day of school.

    • In July, you will receive a letter from our dental supplier, Patterson Dental, outlining the procedure for purchasing your instruments and supplies. The phone number is (585) 924-0550. You should identify yourself as an MCC Dental Hygiene student. Be sure to place your order in time; you will not be able to wait for financial aid to cover this, so plan ahead.
    • You should purchase a ‘tool box’ that can hold your instruments. An ArtBin Sidekick carrying case works well and can be purchased at MIchael's or on Amazon. The dimensions should be approximately 10x15x8.

  • Scrubs: You will need these the first week of school.

    • The tops & bottoms must be the same color. No white, no denim, and no prints allowed. No collars.
    • Scrubs should fit you appropriately, being neither too big nor too small. The midriff must be covered even when you bend over. The bottom of the pants cannot touch the floor. If you need tall or petite sizes, they are available in several brands.
    • You must have your name embroidered on your scrub tops before school starts. We have a designated design that is only available at Stitchworks: 297 Culver Parkway, Rochester 14609-4554, (585) 654-7522. Tell the owner that you are an MCC dental hygiene student.

  • Shoes & Socks: You will need these the first week of school.

    • You will need white clinic shoes. They must be made of impermeable material - no cloth anywhere on the shoe. These can be all-white sneakers or classic clinic shoes. If sneakers are purchased, the logo should not be obvious. Crocs or clogs must have a heel strap and cannot be perforated. 
    • Socks must be white and must cover the leg when seated (no skin exposed).

  • Typodonts: You will need this the first week of school.

    • You will be leasing a typodont from the MCC Brighton campus bookstore for $225 plus tax. You will get $175 back when you return it, undamaged, at the end of the semester. Typodonts will be available the week before school starts. 
    • You may also want to lease a vacuum-based mount for practice at home (optional). These can also be leased from the bookstore.

  • Loupes: You will all be purchasing loupes (magnifying glasses). The representative from Orascoptic will be on campus in mid September. Watch your MCC email for details.  You must purchase Orascoptic loupes; they are custom fitted.
  • CPR: You will need to be certified in CPR for the Professional Rescuer before school starts.

    • Both the American Red Cross and the American Heart Association can provide this course.
    • Online courses are NOT acceptable.
    • MCC offers this course in August. Details will be emailed out in July.

  • Child Abuse: Dental Hygienists are mandated reporters of child abuse. You must take a certified course before February. A link for an online course will be emailed to you in September.
  • MCC Email: You should check your MCC email once a week throughout the summer.  This is the official means of communication for all department and college-related business.
  • Oral Health: As a dental healthcare professional, you will need to have excellent oral health. Please see your dentist before school starts. If possible, do not have orthodontic treatment started until February.

Dental Hygiene Cost Estimates


   New York State Residents 4,380.00 4,380.00
   Non Residents 8,760.00 8,760.00
Lab & Clinic Fees (All Courses) ~280.00 ~280.00
Other Fixed Fees:    
   Student Life Fee 249.50 249.50
   Enrollment Fee 16.00 16.00
   Health Fee 20.00 20.00
   Accident Insurance 8.00 8.00
   Parking Fee 150.00* 150.00*
   Technology Fee (12 or more credits) 550.00 550.00
   CPR Course ~65.00  
   Child Abuse Course 35.00  
Books ~500.00 ~400.00
Instruments/Supplies ~3500.00 ~1300.00
Loupes/Light ~1650.00 n/a
Typodont Lease ~250.00  
Uniforms -(Shoes, Pants And Top) ~375.00 ~100.00
Malpractice Insurance 16.00 16.00
Health Insurance (unless waiver submitted by Aug 15th)
1971.00 1971.00
Health Insurance
329.00 329.00
Licensure Fees:    
   National Board Exam   ~410.00
   CDCA Exam   975.00
   License Registration   128.00
   Passport Pictures for Registration   25.00
Optional Board Review (CDCA)   100.00
Optional Student Trip   ~500.00
Student Professional Organization Dues:
Dental Hygiene Association
65.00 65.00

Fees Are Subject To Change

* There may be addition parking fees for Off-Campus assignments. 

NOTE: Monroe Community College may find it necessary to make changes in tuition and fees and reserves the right to do so.