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Module 2 - Learning Styles - How do I Learn?

Let's See the Sites!

There are many sites on the Internet devoted to learning styles. There are few however, that specifically relate learning styles to distance education. The sites listed below are just a few of the learning style inventories and assessments available on the Internet. They were chosen for conciseness, thoroughness of feedback, link reliability, and simplicity. The sites are not specific to learning styles related to distance education, but to learning styles in general. By taking one or more of these assessments you will be able to identify your preferred style of learning. Knowing this information about yourself coupled taking the MCC Online Course Readiness Checklist could help better prepare you for your online learning experience.

Index of Learning Styles Questionnaire

This is a 44-item questionnaire developed by Barbara Solomon and Richard Felder of North Carolina State University. Your results are graphically presented with a short written explanation. You then have the opportunity to read additional information by clicking on the Learning Style Descriptions.

Learning Style Assessment

This is a 20 item questionnaire that will provide you with detailed information about your preferred learning styles. Once the questionnaire is completed, submitted, and electronically scored, results are presented to you in a .pdf format which you can print out and/or save. Included are detailed descriptions of the different styles.

Perceptual Modality Preference Survey, Institute for Learning Styles Research

This 42-question survey helps you identify and rank seven of your perceptual learning styles. There is an introduction that provides information about the survey and feedback on the different styles upon completion.

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