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Module 2 - Learning Styles - How do I Learn?

Module Objectives

  • Identify your learning style by taking learning styles assessment (a number of sites are provided for you to choose from or take them all!)
  • Read about different learning styles

There are many different styles of learning. Some of us are visual learners; we learn and remember by seeing things (seeing it). Some learn best by listening to a lecture (hearing it). Others are hands on learners; they need to manipulate objects to demonstrate learning (doing it). This module will give you the opportunity to gather more information about how you learn by having you complete learning styles questionnaires and reading about the different styles. The premise is that the more you know about your learning style, strategies for learning, and what is involved in taking online classes, the more successful you will be in the online environment.

Important - Remember that no test or assessment instrument knows you better than you know yourself. Take the information in this module and add it to your personal knowledge base.

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