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Module 3- Strategies for Online Success

Module Objectives

  • Identify strategies for online success
  • Identify what you need to do before you begin your online course
  • Link you to MCC's and the SUNY Learning Network's sites for more information

Not all online classes are presented by the instructor in the same way. Instructors, both in a traditional classroom and online, use different techniques and methods for explaining concepts. Some may choose to present the course material in a visual format, others may choose lecture format, still others enhance lecture formats with a chance for hands-on application. Knowing your learning style in general can be helpful regardless of whether you are taking a course in a classroom or online.

This module will give you an opportunity apply what you have learned about yourself. Now that you have identified your learning style and read about it, you can develop strategies that will help make your online learning experience a success. Since there are many different theories and styles of learning, for the purpose of simplicity, they have been categorized into three general styles:

  • The Visual Learner (the seer)
  • The Tactile Learner (the doer)
  • The Aural Learner (the hearer)

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