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Module 3- Strategies for Online Success

What type of learner are you?

The Visual Learner (the "Seer")

If you have identified that you are a visual learner, meaning that you learn best by "seeing" the course information presented in various ways then here are some strategies to consider:

  • Course information will usually be presented in a text format, so you will "see" and read the course information on the computer and textbook
  • Textbook can enhance written lectures by providing diagrams, maps, illustrations, etc.
  • Research other Internet sites which could provide additional information about the topic
  • Read the course description from the MCC course catalog or MCC website prior to taking the course
  • Contact the instructor for further information

The Tactile Learner (the "Doer")

If you process information using a tactile, hands-on approach here are some suggestions that may help in your online course:

  • Engage in discussions with other students in your online class
  • Identify online courses that have a lab or other experiential component
  • Find others who are taking the course and form study groups
  • Contact the instructor for information prior to taking the course

The Aural Learner (the "Hearer")

If you learn best by listening to lectures and discussing in class, then online courses may present a challenge for you. You may need to adapt your learning style to the text-based format used in most online courses. Knowing what the course involves ahead of time, before the class begins, might be your best avenue for determining if taking an online class is for you. Here are some strategies that may help:

  • Read the course description from the MCC Course Catalog or the MCC website
  • Contact the instructor for information about teaching style and course content
  • Talk with other students who have taken online courses, particularly the one you are interested in taking
  • Identify courses that have a video component.

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