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Which Course(s) Should I Take?

There are many reasons to register for Dual Enrollment. Sometimes it can be confusing to decide which dual enrollment course to take. Students and families often ask:

  • Should I invest the time and money into Dual Enrollment?
  • Will the Dual Enrollment course count toward my degree?
  • Will the Dual Enrollment course transfer?
  • Am I even ready for college?

Every student situation is unique. If your focus is on learning then every Dual Enrollment course becomes an opportunity for you to learn more about college, yourself, and your career goals.

The graphic below was created to help guide your decisions regarding which Dual Enrollment courses to take. The Dual Enrollment program strongly recommends that any student or parent considering Dual Enrollment meet with their high school Counseling office and utilize all college and career tools available to you through your high school. The more you explore different options, think about and plan for your future, the more confident you will feel when making Dual Enrollment decisions.


TryING Out College

Choose one of the following to "try out" college:

  • OFT 110 - Keyboarding
  • CRC 125

Career Goal

Choose two of these if they are part of your career goal:

  • ACC
  • BUS
  • CRJ
  • ECO 103
  • ELT
  • EMS
  • GEO 108
  • LAW
  • MET
  • OPT
  • TAM
  • HSP
  • FSA
  • PHO

Undecided or Bachelor's Degree

The following are good options if you are undecided or know you want to eventually earn a Bachelor's degree: 

  • ART 101
  • ECO 101
  • ENG 101 & 105
  • GEG 130
  • HED 115 or 130
  • HIS 111 & 112
  • MTH 160, 175 and/or 210
  • PHY 145 & 146

Talk to your counselor or an MCC advisor.