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Electronic Learning Center Policies

  • Use of Computers: To use the computers in the ELC, you must be a currently registered student for the current semester. Alumni may use the ELC with the proper Alumni identification card with the current date stamp.
  • No Food or Drinks: Food and drinks are not allowed in the Learning Center. Anyone found with food or an open drink will be asked to leave or dispose of it.
  • Cell Phones: While in the ELC you may have your cell phone on vibrate, but you must step out into the hall to have your conversation so that you do not disturb other students.
  • Instant Messaging, Chat Rooms or Pornography: If these sites are not class related, they are not permitted on ELC computers. Unauthorized use of these resources would be considered a violation of the college computer code of conduct and will be enforced per the policies listed.
  • Printers: Printers are shut down 15 minutes prior to closing. You may not use transparencies or envelopes in the printers. If you need to have special paper in the printers please ask for assistance.
  • Noise: Noise and talking must be kept at a minimum, so that others are not disturbed.
  • Saving Work: It is the responsibility of the user to either save their work on the S-Drive or on one of the following media: CD, or USB flash drive (which you must bring with you to the Learning Center). All data saved on Learning Center computers will be erased.
  • Signing In/Out: All students must swipe in and out of the Learning Center.