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It is advisable for students to acquire the books and supplies they will need prior to the start of the semester. Textbooks are very expensive and can cost full-time students upwards of about $500 per semester. Financial aid may be used to set up a bookstore credit. Contact the MCC Financial Aid Office for information on bookstore credits.


At least a month prior to the start of each semester, the MCC Bookstore provides a list of all the books and supplies for each course. Students using a Financial Aid bookstore credit must purchase their books at the MCC Bookstore.

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In MCC Engineering Science and Physics courses students may use any calculator of their choice.

Enrolled in MCC Math courses? Only specific calculators may be used.


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In MCC Engineering Science department does not require students to own laptop computers. All of our labs come pre-equipped with powerful desktop machines. Almost all labs have open work hours during the day when classes are not using them.

Students may use their own laptop computer in classes and labs with faculty permission. It is strongly recommended that students purchase a mouse for their laptop computer.

Laptop computer specifications change so rapidly that there is not a preferred brand or recommendation for purchase. Any model with relatively high memory and fast processor speed should suit your needs.


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It is best to wait until you enroll in a course to purchase the software used in that course. Some software may be included with your textbook. Most classes do not require you to purchase software as it is available in our labs for your use. Many students do find it more convenient to own the software to work at home.

Discounted software for Monroe Community College students and faculty can be obtained from the MCC e-Academy Software Store.